Over the years I’ve authored several screenplays, and directed and produced my own short films. I’ve worked in production on several feature and short films, as well as for the PBS television series In the Life. My short films include:

Can’t You Re-Tie It (2004)

Bridal Party (2008; CineSlam Film Festival Sappho Award)

Yes and No (2010)

Reality Check (2011)

View Kelsy Chauvin’s film reel on Vimeo, or visit Over/Under Productions.

I co-created regular episodes of Ciao Grandma! — a comedy web series about an irreverent Italian grandma from Queens. View Ciao Grandma! on YouTube.

The most recent of my three feature screenplays is Portrait Untaken, a biopic of renowned 20th-century photographer Berenice Abbott. I also have written two feature-length comedies, The Buddy System and Handbasket, and several short screenplays. Read excerpts of my scripts:

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