Kelsy’s photography regularly accompanies her written work. It also has been published independently in Time Out New York, New York Daily News, Village Voice, Real Estate Weekly, GO Magazine, and elsewhere.

She also is available to shoot events; her freelance photography clients include Silverstein Properties, JetBlue Airlines, Brooks Running, Greene Hill Food Cooperative, Independent Film Project, Columbia University, Edelman, Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW), and various event producers.

Photography are samples available for Kelsy’s travel, event, and location photography.

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On a side note…
One of the photographers who most inspires me is Berenice Abbott, a well-known 20th century innovator in the field of photography. Abbott believed that straight photography is the true purpose of the medium, and spent her long lifetime shooting and printing scenes as they existed. As part of her tribute to the true master, I wrote “Portrait Untaken,” a historical-biographical screenplay of Abbott’s life. The screenplay is currently being shopped; to read an excerpt, visit the Film page.


Kelsy owns an independent archive of images from around the United States and the world, available for stock use.